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Garlands Ecuador is one of the production and logistic centers of Innovaflora Group, leader in the preserved flowers and plants market with presence in more than 60 countries.


We believe in innovation and the continuous improvement of our patented preservation process that preserves for years the fresh look and original beauty of nature in our products.

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What are

Preserved Flowers

and Plants?

Preserved flowers and plants are a 100% natural and require minimal maintenance, because do not needs water and light.

Our preserved products have been treated with an exclusive formula that replaces the water inside the flower with a component that does not evaporate preserving its original beauty over time.

We create a unique decorative product that combines the beauty of a natural plant with the durability of an inert object. 


Our Products

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Quito - Ecuador

Francisco  García N74-154 y Joaquín  Mancheno

Telf. +593 2 2471 659 / 696

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